Past events

  • The limitations of voluntary climate commitments from private financial actors Dernière mise à jour : 11 January 2023

    For several years, considerable time and energy has been dedicated to the subject of voluntary commitments from private financial actors. Such initiatives, however, encounter important structural obstacles that limit their effectiveness, as highlighed in this Policy Brief. While beneficial and worthy of encouragement, we cannot expect these initiatives to deliver more than they are realistically capable of achieving. Hence the need for a strong commitment from public authorities to mobilize private finance to support a rapid and organized transition. Read more

  • Physical risks and adaptation to climate change in industry - Focus on BUILDINGS Dernière mise à jour : 16 December 2022

    The world has already exceeded +1°C global warming compared to the pre-industrial period (1850-1900). Climate change and in particular the increase in climate hazards (droughts, floods, etc.) will impact industrial buildings: their structures and materials, users, equipment, processes, etc. These impacts will have consequences for industry, its activity and its productivity. Companies must therefore prepare for this and anticipate it. The purpose of this memo is to present concepts related to physical risks in the industrial sector, including the impacts of climate change on industrial buildings, in order to anticipate and adapt to them. Read more