2° Investing Initiative LAUNCHES MYFAIRMONEY

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18 November 2021

Free, independent online platform for sustainable savings

2° Investing Initiative announces today the launch of MyFairMoney, an independent, free and non-profit French sustainable savings platform dedicated to individual investors and their financial advisors.

The platform’s missions are to inform and raise awareness about sustainable investment, to help investors define their extra-financial profile and to give them access to a database of more than 4000 funds scanned by the research team.

The multiplicity of green financial products and labels, the risk of greenwashing which is accelerating…it has become extremely difficult for investors who wish to make their investments more meaningful to understand where and how to invest sustainably.

The MyFairMoney platform aims to give savers and their financial advisors the resources they need to try to meet this challenge. In the long term, MyFairMoney also aims to channel more resources into funds that can help tackle climate change.

For more information, you can read the press release here.

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