Certification for sustainable finance: the AMF specifies the conditions for training organisations to be certified

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L'arbre vert qui pousse sur les pièces de monnaie augmente sous diverses formes, y compris les mains des gens d'affaires qui entourent la pile de pièces et le graphique en flèche montante. Le concept de croissance des entreprises;
4 May 2021

Acting on a proposal by the Financial Skills Certification Board (HCCP), the AMF has decided to create a module for verifying the knowledge of professionals in green and responsible finance. The instruction DOC 2021-03 specifies the examination features, the content of the certification application file and the certified organisations duties.

The sustainable finance examination is in particular addressed to professionals performing as salesperson. It is optional and open to any person who wishes to acquire specific knowledge in this area. Training organisations can now send their application file to the AMF in accordance with the requirements provided by the instruction.

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