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23 November 2021

The COP26 was an opportunity to highlight the work of Finance ClimAct: PACTA, ACT, impact finance, but also the Sustainable Finance Observatory. The approach supported for two years now by Finance ClimAct provides methodologies and tools to operationalise the commitments made in the Net Zero Alliance in order to deliver an impact on the real economy, i.e. to accompany the decarbonisation of economic activities. This work is aimed at companies as well as their financiers, and it enables commitments to be anchored in a credible and transparent approach that corresponds to the expectations of all stakeholders involved in the fight against climate change.

Thanks to 2Dii (Thibaut Ghirardi), Pauline Becquey and Raphael Lebel (F4T) and Edouard Fourdrin and Romain Poivet (ADEME) for presenting these initiatives in Glasgow!

All three events are available for replay:

Impact finance: useful and efficient finance for the sustainable transformation of the real economy

Private Sector Net Zero: How can companies contribute to achieving global carbon neutrality, and report on their strategies?

Driving Net Zero Finance Integrity