The CTH publishes its 2019 characterized reports

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L'arbre vert qui pousse sur les pièces de monnaie augmente sous diverses formes, y compris les mains des gens d'affaires qui entourent la pile de pièces et le graphique en flèche montante. Le concept de croissance des entreprises;
24 March 2021

The Climate Transparency Hub has just completed its first session of analysis of French financial institutions’ 2019 climate reporting exercises, thus resulting in the production of 28 Characterized Reports.

Once this stage is completed, the CTH team will start updating its matrix in light of regulatory developments, such as the decree implementing Article 29 of the French Energy and Climate Law, and feedbacks from this first analysis session. The matrix will be subject to consultation (from APRIL to  MAY) in order to better take into account the diversity of actors and expertise that feed the climate transparency of financial institutions.

Once the matrix is adjusted and approved by consortium members (by end of MAY), the CTH team will start a new period of analysis (by beginning of JUNE) in order to produce the 2020 Characterized Reports on the bases of  the files submitted via the platform.

Financial institutions are invited to file their latest reporting exercise at their earliest convenience, via the new online tool.

In parallel, the CTH team will produce the annual state of the art report on best practices in climate reporting observed in the 2019 Characterized Reports. It will be published by end of JUNE.

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