The Sustainable Finance Observatory goes international

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Drapeaux de l'UE en face du batiment du Parlement europeen. Bruxelles Belgique
10 November 2021

For its second year, the Sustainable Finance Observatory is exporting internationally with the launch of the One Planet Data Hub

One year after its launch, the Sustainable Finance Observatory has been enriched by integrating a follow-up of the commitments of financial actors in terms of sustainable finance and thanks to the updating of indicators for monitoring the transformation of financial practices and flows. This Observatory, co-piloted by the professional federations, Finance For Tomorrow and Paris Europlace, was announced in the context of the market declaration of 2 July 2019 and launched on the occasion of Climate Finance Day 2020. It reports on the achievements and actions of the stakeholders of the Paris financial centre in terms of green and sustainable finance for the insurance sector, banks, private equity, management companies and specialised companies.

A pilot project for the One Planet Summit

The One Planet Summit today announced the launch of the One Planet Data Hub, which aims to encourage transparency in all economic and financial sectors and which will serve as a global summary to give clarity to the monitoring and real impact of commitments. The French Observatory will contribute to this. Supported by the Green Financial Services Network (FC4S), the Observatory has already reached its second year of operation and has met the dissemination objective set by the European Union in the framework of the LIFE grant. The Observatory will also be promoted at the COP26.

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