Sectoral Transition Plans for industry

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The “Sectoral Transition Plans” project is part of the C7 work package dealing with industry and piloted by the ADEME’s Industry Department.

Goal : to promote investment in the transition of French heavy industry in order to aim for decarbonation by 2050, taking into account the specificities of each sector

This work unfolds throughout the duration of the project in two stages:

  • the first 3 years for the co-construction of plans for 9 energy-intensive industrial sectors
  • a second time devoted to the animation of the actors (industrialists, public authorities, think tank/NGOs; politicians) around these plans and their variations in the form of action plans.

The STP – a 360°-vision of industry transition challenges

The Sectoral Transition Plan aims to build a 360° vision to enable industrialists to change their processes or even their business model in order to best adapt to the carbon neutrality objectives and prepare for the evolution of demand in their downstream markets, which have also been disrupted by the transition. 

Each of these roadmaps has four components – Technological, Financing, Market/Employment and Public and Private Action Plan – and is based on close collaboration with the main players in the sector concerned (federations and sector majors).

A Sector Transition Plan takes place over 12 to 18 months depending on the sector’s complexity and is punctuated by collective and bilateral exchanges with industry actors as well as stakeholders in the sector.

Dialogue and modeling at the heart of the methodology

1- Bibliographic work and discussions to draw the technical and economic picture of the sector
2- Definition and validation of reference plants in the French industrial fleet
3- Modeling of technological pathways evaluating the emission reduction capacity and the investment needs at the fleet level
4- Analysis of demand for materials and changes linked to the transition
5- Job and skills market analysis
6- Consultation and development of an action plan, public and private, allowing a viable decarbonization of the sector

Several deliverables will be made available to manufacturers, public authorities and financial institutions throughout the project and will serve as support in the decision-making process.

9 sectors

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