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Industry accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in France.
The National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC) defines France’s trajectory to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a commitment made following the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
“SNBC target for French industry: – 81% of emissions in 2050 compared to 2015.
Intermediate target of -30% in 2030
In a carbon-free world, the competitiveness of a product with a high carbon footprint will be impacted by a high carbon price and a reputational risk: it is therefore important for an industrial company to anticipate its transition by implementing actions that limit its impact on climate change through a long-term investment plan.

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  • An industrial Low-carbon industry Climate target setting
    Physical risks and adaptation to climate change in industry - Focus on WORKERS 29 April 2022

    Climate change, and in particular the increase in climatic events, will modify working conditions, both indoors and outdoors, and access to industrial sites, and increase the risks to workers' health and safety. These impacts will have consequences for industry, its activity and productivity, which must be anticipated and prepared for. ADEME has published a memo that presents the concepts related to physical risks for workers in the industrial sector, the factors to be considered and the existing tools. Download file

  • An industrial Low-carbon industry Climate target setting
    Physical risks and adaptation to climate change in industry - Focus on TRANSPORT 22 February 2022

    Climate hazards have an impact on the transport industry. ADEME has published a memo that summarises their nature, the methodological tools for measuring their impact and the factors to be taken into consideration in order to best adapt to these changes. Download file

  • An industrial Climate target setting
    Financial and extra-financial overview of corporate carbon reporting 18 December 2021

    This report presents an overview of the financial and non-financial reporting of a sample of French listed companies on climate issues. It focuses on three specific topics: the quantitative indicators used by companies to report on climate issues, the information communicated on carbon neutrality commitments for those that have made them, and finally, the accounting implications and climate-related information included in the financial statements. The report presents some good practices and highlights the efforts that are still needed to prepare for the strengthening of the regulatory framework. Download file

  • An industrial Low-carbon industry Industrial transition plans
    ADEME publishes the summary of the sectoral transition plan for the cement industry in France 23 November 2021

    In order to meet the objective of the National Low Carbon Strategy (#SNBC), which aims is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 81% by 2050 (compared to 2015) for the entire French industry, the Industry Department of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (#ADEME) is drawing up Sector Transition Plans (STPs) which model and analyse possible decarbonation trajectories for the nine most energy-intensive sectors, including the cement industry. Through a co-construction process with the sector's stakeholders, it emerged that the technological and economic challenges for decarbonising the #cement sector by up to 81% are significant. With its 360° vision, the STP also explores the inseparable aspects of the transition: market evolution, costs, financing and jobs. Download file

  • An industrial Climate target setting Low-carbon industry
    AMF publishes the first conclusions of the Climate and sustainable Finance Commission (CCFD) on the carbon neutrality of companies 19 October 2021

    The purpose of the AMF's CCFD report is to accompany companies in the development and implementation of their climate strategy. Find out about best practices regarding carbon neutrality initiatives, resulting actions and how to report on the efforts made. Download file

  • A retail investor An industrial A financial institution Climate stress-tests Climate Stress-tests
    ADEME's analysis of the French pilot climate stress test 19 August 2021

    ADEME analyzes the results of the climate pilot exercise conducted by the Banque de France in 2020-2021 and proposes several methodological developments for future exercises. Download file